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Places I visited as Betty

By Betty Jašková, December 25, 2018, 9:56, Tips and tricks

Over the course of last 12 years I have been to many places as Betty. I visited variety of places especially in the first 5-6 years of my public life as a girl. Some of the events I attended were quite extraordinary, but I didn't limit myself to go out to one kind of place. In this article you can find list of some places or events which are worth mentioning for whatever reason. Alert, it's time for some nostalgia.

Parties and clubs

Oh yes, I used to party nearly every weekend in past and loved it. Loved to go out for few drinks and then dance all night long. Danced till dawn, sometimes even went to after-party clubs.

Friends club

Small metropolitan club in the center of Prague. It's not primarily for gays, lesbians nor transgenders. It's for everyone. Mixture of gay, lesbians, transgenders, locals and Prague visitors. The club gets really crowded on Fridays, Saturdays or during special parties (for example during Prague Pride). There is a travestie show each week, lookup the schedule of the club. Used to be one of my favorite clubs.

  • Place: Prague, Czech republic
  • Privacy: public place
  • Website: http://www.friendsclub.cz
  • My advice: they serve good cocktails, but the place gets unbearably hot in summer

Valentyno club

Used to be a club with 3 floors, biggest gay/lesbian club in Prague. In past I used to go to this club at least 2-3 times a month. Club underwent many changes at then end it wasn't “my cup of coffee”anymore. Still I have some nice memories tied to Valentyno 🙂

Alternative/BDSM/Fetish parties

As I already mentioned in of my galleries , most people picture these parties as mass orgies. Spicy things do happen, but I think public opinion is exaggerated. Some happen even in public places (gay prides, alt events, etc) and are well respected by general public. In general, most alternative communities are open towards transgender people and I have to confirm this fact. Surprisingly, sometimes I felt more welcome to a fetish party than to a LGBT event, though it might have been biased by my former lack of knowledge of LGBT society.

Fetish Grand Prix

FGP is a two day event primarily for lovers of latex, rubber, leather or PVC. It usually happens in resort which is closed for public, so it's safe for public-shy people. Saturday evening has usually a nice programme: shows, competitions and games. GP still happens once or twice a year.

  • Place: Brno, Czech republic
  • Privacy: closed party, you need to purchase tickets
  • Number of people: dozens
  • Website: https://www.mrs-bojek.cz/fgp.htm (sorry only in Czech language).
  • My advice: great for spending time in latex while socializing, having a dinner or a glass of wine.

Wave Gothic Treffen

WGT is primarily focused on gothic community, but I saw also many non-gothic folks during the events. It happens every year in the city of Leipzig and the whole city lives with the atmosphere of the event. It was idea of my ex-girlfriend to go there. Though gothic is not my thing, I have to say I loved it. Imagine streets full of people in costumes, music and art performances happening all over city.

  • Place: Leipzig, Germany
  • Privacy: public, some events require tickets
  • Number of people: thousands
  • Website: http://www.wave-gotik-treffen.de
  • My advice: some events take place in parks so make sure you get some more comfortable shoes.

Torture Garden

TG is world renowned fetish party brand. It's definitely one of the European highlights of fetish parties and many community icons attend and/or perform at the party. Parties happen in large venues in London and often occupy multiple stages each with its own programme. I visited TG back in 2009 with a friend and I have to say it was quite an experience - it was one of the first big events I attended and it impressed me.

  • Place: London, Great Britain
  • Privacy: public, event requires tickets
  • Number of people: hundreds
  • Website: https://www.torturegarden.com
  • My advice: make sure you have info about all stages or you end up staying at one which bores you. At least that's what happened to me 🙂

German Fetish Ball Weekend

Again one of the most renowned fetish events in Europe. Spans over several days and features multiple venues each with its own programme. You can meet many icons of fetish scene, dance or socialize. It's up to you which event you choose.

  • Place: Berlin, Germany
  • Privacy: public, some events require tickets
  • Number of people: hundreds
  • Website: http://www.german-fetish-ball.com
  • My advice: make sure you don't miss the party at KitKatClub. I missed it, and now I regret I went to other event.

Hell Party

Animalistic and avantgarde party from the people who run Hell (body modification and tattoo studio). This party was one of the first big public events for alternative communities in Prague. Usually has main stage (body mods), BDSM stage and marketplace. I attended Hell Party twice and once I was picked up for interview by local TV station (hope one day I will find time to put the interview online :).

  • Place: Prague, Czech republic
  • Privacy: public, requires tickets
  • Number of people: hundreds
  • Website: https://www.hellparty.cz
  • My advice: if you don't like body modifications/ blood don't attend the main stage.

Prague Fetish Weekend

Fancy a fetish event in Prague? Look no further. PFT spans over whole weekend and features multiple events in various venues. Usually local latex / fetish manufactures present their product in a fashion show. The party I attended was in stylish venue - atomic shelter.

  • Place: Prague, Czech republic
  • Privacy: public, requires tickets
  • Number of people: dozens/hundreds
  • Website: http://www.fetishweekend.cz
  • My advice: get the early-access tickets

Ateliér Club

Definitely worth mentioning: a safe haven for all people. Please don't confuse it with the dance club in the center of Prague. The Atelier I'm referring to is in Prague 10. The owners (Nenufer and Vašek) are amazing, friendly people. Club features big variety of events ranging from: BDSM, bondage, fetish or just social parties. It's usually “invite” type club. If you are new and don't have any “patron” to introduce you to the club just send an email adresa@bdsmklub.cz to get an invite. Every Wednesday is sauna day, Thursdays are about chit-chat gathering, and lot's more thematic events (fetish & BDSM) happen during events.

  • Place: Prague, Czech republic
  • Privacy: private, requires invite
  • Number of people: dozens
  • Website: http://www.bdsmklub.cz/ (sorry only in Czech)
  • My advice: very good place to start socializing for shy transgender people


Sinless parties were small parties organized in Prague. They had “spicy” atmosphere and required a strict dress fetish code.

Sluneční Tvrz

Sluneční Tvrz was a private villa owned by Kahofer a Anette. They organized BDSM events with variety of themes. Their parties were first BDSM/fetish events I attended as Betty and every time I visited the place I felt like it was my own safe haven. Unfortunately the place has been closed down several years ago.


It's interesting to reflect now about choice of places/events I attended. Over past 6 years I go out less and less, due to the fact I don't feel the same urgent need I felt in past. Maybe I calmed down, maybe I just need to reinvent myself.

One more thing.. Don't go out to just one type of events/places. For example at certain time I stopped going out to gay/lesbian places and started to go to regular clubs. Gay\lesbian clubs are ok, but I needed a change. Regular clubs proved to be a good choice, at least in Prague it's safe in most clubs/discos.

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