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Choosing a wig, usage and care

By Betty Jašková, August 13, 2008, 22:42, Tips and tricks

If you have nice natural hair, you can skip this entire article, though you may still find some interesting info. But generally most of transvestites wear a wig, either because they don't have hair cut they want or they don't have long hair at all. By using a wig you can change the way you look, shift moods and highlight nice features of your face. One of most important factors is the shape of your face, it should reflect the choice of the wig. I will show you different shapes and styles that that go well with given shape. Compare 7 basic face shapes to choose what wig is the right one for you. Attached at the end you will find few do's and don'ts regarding the wig care. Read this article for more wig tips for crossdressers and transvestites. Read the whole article »

Depilation and epilation for trannies

By Betty Jašková, July 8, 2008, 23:28, Tips and tricks

Getting rid of body hair is a common trannie issue, most of us need to get rid of it. Well, there are very few things worse than a hairy tranny! 🙂 So let's get into it, I'll mention several methods, their advantages and drawbacks as well as body parts to which they should be applied to. I'll also add few tips / methods which I use myself. Don't forget we all are individuals, and the same method can have different effect on you. So take them rather as a general guidance.
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