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Depilation and epilation for trannies

By Betty JaΕ‘kovΓ‘, July 8, 2008, 23:28, Tips and tricks

Getting rid of body hair is a common trannie issue, most of us need to get rid of it. Well, there are very few things worse than a hairy tranny! πŸ™‚ So let's get into it, I'll mention several methods, their advantages and drawbacks as well as body parts to which they should be applied to. I'll also add few tips / methods which I use myself. Don't forget we all are individuals, and the same method can have different effect on you. So take them rather as a general guidance.

Depilation versus epilation

What is the difference? Depilation is removal of hair just above the skin skin surface, for example razor shaving or chemical depilation. Epilation is removal of the whole hair together with hair root. Epilation methods are vaxing, tweezers epilation, mechanical epilators, laser epilation and electrolysis epilation. If I use "(d)epilation" I refer to both.

Preparation for (d)epilation

Key to success is preparation of the skin for all the methods. Except of laser and electrolysis epilation you should at least take a shower in a hot water. That makes the pores open up and the hair gets soft. It's much easier to pluck the hair from such opened pore. If it's dry epilation ( vaxing, tweezers epilation, mechanical epilators) don't forget to dry the skin. Generally it's better to do all procedures in the evening or a day before going out so the skin chills during night and all skin irritations can disappear.

Razor shaving

The most common method, we know it all. Basic rule: the less strokes, the less skin irritations appear.


  • time - quite quick - you can shave your legs in 10-30 minutes
  • budget - low budget solution, but in long term measure it could be more expensive than laser epilation.
  • can be used on all body parts, but be careful with the intimate body parts πŸ™‚


  • lasting - already after several hours you could see a five-o'clock shadow
  • shaving makes the hair stronger and darker
  • possibility of an accident πŸ™‚

My tip: for facial shaving I use a shaving gel that contains Aloe vera, let it work 10-12 minutes to make the hair soft, just then start shaving.

Chemical depilation

This method consists of applying special cream or foam to skin, letting it work and then washing it off (5-10 minutes depending on the type of the product) . Some products come with special plastic scrapper or sponges for washing off the cream and the hair.


  • time - relatively quick method, legs can take 20-30 minutes
  • budget - low price, but in long term measure it's just like shaving
  • lasting - hair grows back in a week or more
  • can be used on most body parts, but be careful on areas with sensitive skin like initimate parts.


  • allergic reaction can appear, skin can get irritated. Always test each new product on a small part of skin and wait 24 hours. If no reaction appears, you can start using it.
  • don't use any cosmetics after depilation, skin is sensitive after this procedure
  • in most cases it's not good for intimate parts or facial hair
  • you may have to use a razor, just to make the the look perfect
  • it's not effective if you have strong and thick body hair, cream / foam works only 1-2 mm under skin

My tip: for armpits and intimate parts I use depilation cream for shower from Veet. You apply it, let it work (6-8 minutes) and then clean the foam together with hair with a plastic scrapper. Attention, skin is very sensitive at intimate parts, don't let it work too long.


One of the more effective methods - if you do it right it removes hair together with the hair root. You push the vax tape against the skin, then tear it off in opposite direction to which hair grows. Vax epilation at a beauty saloon is worth the money and time, the wax professionals use is much better than commercial products.


  • lasting - longer term hair removal, lasts a week to 3-4 weeks
  • regular vax epilation makes the hair weaker
  • can be used on most body parts, of course not intimate parts and armpits πŸ™‚


  • painful method
  • time - time consuming, you have to repeat the procedure on the same parts if your body hair is strong and thick
  • budget - could be more expensive for those with lot of body hair, you might need 2-3 packages just for legs

My tip: if you decide for this method I recommend visiting specialist. In-house wax epilation is effective only for those with little hair.

Tweezers epilation

Manual plucking of hair is a proper method only for smaller areas. Tighten the skin around the hair and pluck in the direction it grows. I strongly recommend taking a steam bath or showering / bathing in warm water before plucking.


  • lasting - longer lasting effect, several days to weeks
  • regular plucking makes the hair weaker and lighter
  • budget - cheap, all you need is good tweezers


  • painful method
  • inflammations can occur
  • time - time-demanding method – tens of minutes to hours

My tip: if you have little facial hair, you could pluck it manually. I strongly recommend to take a steam bath to open up pores, then start plucking the hair in the direction they grow, while you tighten up the skin with the other hand. After plucking you should nurse the skin with mild disinfection product. Do it in the evening, so the skin gets some rest during sleep. Such plucked hair grows back in a week or more. Be careful, sometimes pores blemish, especially if you don't steam bath properly or improperly do disinfection.

Mechanical epilators

One of the best methods for many reasons. You use mechanical epilator which you move on skin surface, and it plucks the hair together with hair root.


  • time - quick method – epilation of legs takes 20-40 minutes
  • budget - price wise very interesting, you can get an epilator for 10-30 dollars and it lasts like forever
  • lasting - longer lasting effect, week to several weeks
  • suitable for legs


  • painful method
  • irritation of skin, it disappears after several hours
  • you need electric power, only more expensive models operate on battery
  • not suitable for intimate parts, face, armpits

My tip: suitable for legs, most optimal method of epilation (time / money / effect ratio).

Laser epilation

Laser beam, which is used in this method, is directed at the root of each hair and it burns the follicula. One of the methods with longest lasting effects. The bigger difference between the skin color and hair color, the more effective is the process. So ideal is having black hair and pale skin. You might need several sessions for complete removal depending on density of hair and color complexion.


  • lasting - you can get rid of hair for months or several years
  • suitable for the whole body, except of birth-marks and armpits


  • slightly painful method, laser beams "bites" a little
  • budget - more expensive method, price depends on the amount of hair and time of session
  • time - time-demanding (each session takes an hour or more) , each hair is removed separately
  • you need to visit a specialist
  • irritated skin, you need to avoid sun for few days

My tip: suitable method if you go out regularly, you get rid of hair completely.

Electrolysis epilation

The most effective method, regardless of skin and hair type. Electric needle is directed to each hair and discharged - it burns the hair root. You might need 4-6 sessions to remove hair completely.


  • lasting - you get rid of hair forever
  • suitable for the whole body, except of birth-marks and armpits


  • slightly painful method - each discharge feels like static electricity discharge
  • time - time-demanding, just like with laser epilation each hair is removed individually
  • budget - more expensive method, price depends on the amount of hair and time of session
  • you need to visit a specialist

My tip: suitable method if you go out regularly, you get rid of hair completely.

After (d)epilation

Just like preparation, skin care after (d)epilation is important mainly for following two reasons.

First is immediate irritation of skin, each person can react differently, so it's important to relax skin. There are numbers of special products for skin that are designed for skin after (d)epilation. You should test each first, just like with chemical depilation.

The second reason is hair that starts growing under skin without penetrating it, especially in the armpit and leg area. It's important to avoid it, prevention lies in disinfection and avoiding clogging of pores. If the pores get clogged, hair might be too weak to penetrate skin and might even start to grow in opposite direction! In such case you can get really bad blemishes, in worst case you might need a small surgery. You can clean smaller inflammations yourself, but be careful and disinfect the skin and instruments!

But it's much better to avoid all this, disinfect the skin after (d)epilation (but watch the alcohol contents!) and keep the pores open next days by massaging them with a sponge, special creams and peeling products. Skin care after laser / electrolysis epilation is specific and consult it with a specialist, who performed the epilation.

My tip: after epilation of legs I massage Veet cream into skin, it's specially designed to avoid hair to grow inside. It contains aloe vera a grapefruit extract, regular massaging of legs protects hair growing inside.

Eyebrow epilation

Eyebrow should be epilated after steam bath / bath, it's very important to have open pores. You should use good tweezers, ideally with cut edge. You can draw the desired shape with eyebrow pencil and pluck the hair around to. But if you don't have any experiences, go and rather visit a beauty saloon, unless you want to get stuck up with ridiculous eyebrow for several weeks πŸ™‚

To sum up ..

.. I want to mention not all trannies can (d)epilate for various reasons. It's fully understood, especially if your coming-out didn't happen yet. But please do use proper clothing then: jeans, non-transparent pantyhose, high-cut dresses! Don't expose hairy body parts … it's really disgusting πŸ™‚ Most of us start with razor and eventually try other methods. Find your own preferred method, and stick with it. Also don't forget the nose hair, Brezhnev nose hair is really not sexy πŸ™‚ Go ahead, for the smooooooooth skin!

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