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By Betty Jašková, January 28, 2011, 0:00,

If you want to contact me send me an email or leave a message below as a comment.

email: transbetty@gmail.com

I'm NOT in any sex offers.

29 Responses to Contact

  1. Libra Lutzow says:

    Dear Betty,

    I'm a bizarre figure that is still developing itself and I want to thank You for putting up such a useful site, some tips and tricks were and are still worthy for Me… so right under My nose and yet… it felt like looking for a pair of scissors whilst holding them in my hand.
    Who's writing… I'm Libra… a creature that doesn't really believe in society-set boundaries.
    You could call Me a hybrid, I feel male and female at the same time, I'm both SUBmissive and DOMinant (though for the last 6 moths the scales tipped slightly towards more DOMinant), I like Men (Trannies!) and I like Woman (a bit more), I like to enjoy sex in an BDSM or perverse environment and like to practice that in drag.

    I call Myself 'Mastress'

    I tend to stay between more than two worlds and try to practice and enjoy the best of them, and one of My goals is to improve My trannie-looks…. I AND WANT TO THANK YOU… it's not only using Your experience that is comforting and useful… but the having the knowledge of other people like You finding their way through this wonderful?!? society and putting their way of how they should live into practise.

    We differ a lot (I think) but the challenge is equal (the 'outside world' can be cruel), and for this I want to give You this 'virtual' handshake… Sister… keep up the good work with this site.

    Love from somewhere in the world,


  2. Lauriemae says:

    Betty–Just love your website girl!!! Keep up the good work!


  3. Katina Reid says:

    What I really want is a page like yours can you send me a link or a way to get online and do an entire page like you have done here?

  4. Paul says:

    Dear Betty, It seems like a star is born. The only thing you have to do is to wait untill the world notices it too. Good luck, Paul.

  5. Susana says:

    dear Betty, a really nice place to visit, and you look so gorgeous!!!

  6. anders says:

    I adore You.
    You are so stunning beutiful

  7. Timbernicole says:

    I just wanted to say hello and let you know I enjoyed reading about you and seeing your pictures. It’s nice to see when a gurl like us becomes herself inside. No longer living in prison everyday. I would enjoy talking with you sometime if you wish… you can get me at my email here.. but Im on daily on livejournal.com my name on there is Bratinatrix Hope to hear from you soon.


  8. anita says:

    thank you Betty for such a helful site,as i slowly fulfill my true way of life hugssssssssssssss

  9. Jo says:

    What would life be without all the diverse lifestyles. BORING! I think you are hot! XOXOX

  10. dan says:

    WOW! you are totally gorgeous and inspirational. I am married a bi curious crossdressing male who has been hiding in the closet about crossdressing and you give me will power to find myself beautiful because you are so..dawn gorgeous.

    Thanks for all of us!

  11. Vallin says:

    Hi Betty!

    I saw your profile connected to Gwenn’s, and I clicked on your lovely website. I was at the public library (3rd space; I have to!), so I appreciate your classy photo album. And you are very stylish!

    Check out http://www.reneereyes.com. Renee is a homegrrl (actually a neighbor) with a great site. She invented the term “paratrexual” for male TG admirers like myself.

    Luv, Vallin

  12. martinasexy says:

    Hi betty(sexy betty)
    Wonderful website do you have
    I like you very much
    Big kiss martina

  13. angel dina says:

    hi betty
    wonderful stuff u got here. us girls from SEA doesn’t have the liberty to b like u tho…
    if only i can find a place for me to shop here….

    hugs n kisses

  14. sugar daddy says:

    Hello Betty,

    Just a few words to say how educational your site is.

    As a 47yo male with a previous t-girl partner, I am all aware of the challenges a t-girl faces in today’s society.

    If any girl needs some advice or support, I am here.


  15. martinasexy says:

    Hi Betty

    I love your website its soooooo beautiful,so like you beautiful too

    Hope to see you sometimes everywhere

    Big Kiss Martina


  16. Laila :) says:

    Sweet Betty 🙂
    You are my idol.
    Have a beautiful smile.
    Your photos caress my eyes.
    Send for You big and sweet kisses :***

  17. sean says:

    i have recently allowed my inner woman to come out. and your site has been very helpful to me. thank u for all the advice.

  18. gomma negra says:

    Hi betty,

    First of all thank you so much for adding my picture to your favorites at Flickr. I appreciate it a lot and your support really means an encouragement to keep on shooting and publishing beautiful latex models.

    Now, I followed your link from Flickr and found your interesting site. Congratulations for putting up such a great resource for TV/TS girls. Let me also tell you that you are a real latex godess. You have all that it takes to be a great fetish model: a long slim body, wonderful slender legs and a pretty and expressive face. Congratulations!

    As a photographer and a fetish enthusiast I am always looking for wonderful girls and you sure fit the strictest selection 🙂

    kiss xxx,
    gomma negra

  19. karen says:

    Hi,my name is “Karen” and I’m also a transvestite.Ive been dressing as far back as I can remember.I truely love being dressed as a woman.The feeling of nylons on my legs,wearing a short dress, the look of 4″ heels,wearing makeup,my favorite is lipstick,putting on different wigs and of course jewlery and perfume.This is how I wish I could be most of the time and I’ve never told a soul before now.It feels good to let that out!I used to go to clubs and bars as “Karen” and would have a great time.I live in Chicao and there are many very cool places for all to go to eventhough Im not very passable, and have agreat time.So thanks for lisening and if you ever make it to Chicago Id love to show you around and have a “girls night out” Take care and hope to hear from you love “Karen”

  20. Lisa says:

    Hey Betty 😉 Lovely pics … breathless! Kisses A.

  21. willithurtme says:

    Im sorry to bother hou i was raped as a boy i now want to try the experience on my decision with a feminine transgender im scared dnt k.ow were to go who to talk to n i dnt want a hooker i believe this will get me past mh troubles im straight yet i have this cravings for something ….

    • Betty says:

      Hello, being raped in many cases creates an emotional scar. I would suggest first contacting therapist. Trying "new: form of sex with unsolved past demons can backfire.

  22. willithurtme says:

    I really believe im ready how do i go about it

    • Betty says:

      Find some nice o net. Meet her talk to her. Get to know her. Rest is up to 2 people. Maybe go to gay/ drag clubs. Never did quickies, so I can't answer this.

  23. Megan Day says:

    Hi Betty!

    Thanks for taking the time to work on this site. I just did my makeup for the very first time on my own and your tips were invaluable! Looking forward to trying other girl things as time goes by.

    Thanks again and hugs!


  24. Vanessa says:

    Dear Betty or anyone that reads this,

    I want some advice please.

    I am a long time transvestite now aged almost 62, and started at about 4/5 years old.
    I am on my second marriage and my wife knows and supports my cross dressing in a kind of: "I don't mind you doing it but I don't want to see you dressed as a woman.";
    My grown up step daughter also feels the same way.
    Forgot to mention my second marriage is far away from my home country, the UK. I have lived in China since 2003 where I married a Chinese teacher in 2004.
    Living in a Chinese family you always feel as though you are on the outside edge because of the language barrier. Yes I can speak and understand some Mandarin Chinese, but only some so it is often difficult to know what they are saying!
    Lately I have questioned whether or not my wife and I would be better off going in separate direction. I have felt more strongly about this lately as I recently returned to cross dressing and I feel liberated and much younger at heart than I did when I supressed my urges and stopped doing it for her sake!

    Yes I do love and respect my wife and this is why I am beginning to think that maybe I should give her freedom to have a normal life, whatever a normal life is these troubled times.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.



    • Betty says:

      Hello Vanessa, sorry for the late reply.
      I think you are trying to solve this in a very mature way, thumbs up. Considering your desires AND your family's position on this makes it little harder to make a choice. I'm afraid I can't give you a definite advice. If you are unhappy then it makes no sense to continue the relationship. Just be aware, at this point you chasing you desire of being femme. Once you will fulfill it, be it even public places, the thrill from it will fade. We always want something what we don't have, once achieved, we loose interest. Then you might miss having a family.
      One way or the other be prepared to make scarifies and talk to your loved ones about it. Think of what outcome you want to achieve. Will you be happy then long-term? Will other be happy too?
      Hope it helps if you need more advice feel free to contact me, Betty

  25. Strumpfboy says:

    Hi Betty,
    you really look wonderful. I wish I would be half as beautiful.
    I looked and looked but I cannot find your amazon wishlist.
    Can you please tell me where it is?
    Greetings, Strumpfboy

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