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Make up guide for transvestites – basics

By Betty Jašková, June 20, 2009, 22:50, Tips and tricks

This article focuses on trannies who need advice in elementary basics of make up as beginners. Makeup is part of our look and by correct styling we can change the way we look - shift nice features, suppress the ones we don't like or create extravagant looks in drag queen style. Whether your have a baby-like face or problematic skin, whether your want natural or extravagant look, correct make up is the way to success. It's important to realize that a transvestite / transsexual has got different face features than a woman, different skin type and can react in a different way to the same products. That's the reason why some techniques and steps differ. My personal advice: don't be discouraged by initial fails, beginnings are always hard, but you can overcome them by practicing. Read the whole article »