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Latex fetish parties 1

By Betty Jašková, September 19, 2017, 18:15, Photo galleries

The first time I saw women wearing latex was on internet many years ago. I liked the look of it and the idea of wearing it really intrigued me. It took some years to buy my first black latex minidress and some accessories like stockings, gloves and corsets. Once I tried it I was totally hooked: the feel, the smell and the sound of it. Simply loved the feeling of my body encased in ultra tight latex, it was how I became a latex transvestite. Surprisingly I wore latex first when I went to fetish parties and following gallery documents the first two parties I went to. My first ever latex event was at "Sluneční tvrz" which was a private club for alternative lifestyle (fetish, BDSM, etc). The second was "Eliot", which is still active and occurs every year near Brno, Czech republic. This is the first set of latex photos of me and I can promise you... Many more are coming 🙂

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6 Responses to Latex fetish parties 1

  1. Monika Smith says:

    Great site Betty…love the newest pics! You and the other girls look fabulous in all your latex outfits!! Kisses, Monika

  2. Christopher D'Elia says:

    Betty you are absolutely gorgeous and you’re friends are gorgeous and I absolutely love the latex
    I’m a Trans/CD admirer but been thinking about dressing one day and the latex is intriguing just as you said
    Anyway I just wanted to really tell you how beautiful you are hugs kisses xoxoxo and love ❤️

  3. Krystal chitty says:

    I love latex parties

  4. Maximus Ridiculous says:

    Hi Betty, do you have any high res images of you in the pink latex catsuit? I need to study your hot bod in greater depth 😉
    Kind regards
    Mike xx

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