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Shopping guide for a trannie

By Betty Jašková, February 21, 2008, 1:15, Tips and tricks

Not every trannie has the courage to openly buy makeup or clothes. This applies mainly for those who are afraid what others would say. The best thing is to overcome this, and just forget what others think, it's not their life anyway. Believe me, the sales people care about the sales most importantly, everything else is less important. I have experiences when I was treated like a VIP customer, just because I said "Yes, it's for me" 🙂 I know it's not easy so I prepared some tips for you.

You have 3 possibilities to stay "low":

  1. go shopping with a girlfriend/ wife - but not all of you can
  2. shopping in big shopping malls - many people and quite anonymous. Just pick the stuff you want to try , put some male clothes over it and head to cabin. Just be careful, don't get caught in cabin when you try some skirt 🙂
  3. catalogue a online shopping - quite secure and you will avoid curious looks. The goods can be in most cases returned within several days, sometimes even without giving reasons. I recommend eBay , I 'll write about it more bellow.

General advice:

  • buy only the stuff you need! Many trannies, including me, have a real shopping spree fever and buy even stuff they don't need or stuff that doesn't suit them. Think over, if you need the item, and if it suits you.
  • measure yourself properly! It's very important to measure yourself properly so you can buy fitting clothes and shoes. Try to find your size in women collection sizes. If in doubt, send you measures to the sop and they will recommend. Don§t forget the material - lycra materials stretch a lot, while jeans don't. While buying shoes, watch the material as well, leather stretches better than synthetic materials.
  • say you are buying for a girlfriend - many regular men buy stuff for their girlfriends so it's a good cover excuse. But be careful, if you come to a lingerie shop 2x a week it will become suspicious 🙂
  • let others advice you - a good advice from a friend, sales person or stylist, they might know more
  • try eBay - you can buy amazing stuff at amazing prices, often at a fraction of regular prices. But beware! Read the item description carefully, if it's new or not, condition, price, delivery and shipping methods. Check also the history of given merchant, the better score the more secure you are. Disadvantage is you have to pay via Paypal with some merchants, but if you have any VISA / Master card , you can setup a new account at PayPal easily. And then you can start spending money 🙂
  • consider second hand - a friend of mine advised me this option when I was complaining I'm spendig a fortune on femme stuff. I admit I have never been shopping in one, but I will consider it, you can buy very funny costumes at budget prices.

Betty recommends:

I've started a shop that is an affiliate of  Amazon, focused primarily for the needs of crossdressers - www.trannyshops.info. TrannyShops has absolutely NO access to any customer personal data - all purchases are handled by Amazon following their standard privacy policy.

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TrannyShops - shop screenshot

Do you have any tips on how to buy? Share them below in discussion ..

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