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Shopping guide for a trannie

By Betty Jašková, February 21, 2008, 1:15, Tips and tricks

Not every trannie has the courage to openly buy makeup or clothes. This applies mainly for those who are afraid what others would say. The best thing is to overcome this, and just forget what others think, it's not their life anyway. Believe me, the sales people care about the sales most importantly, everything else is less important. I have experiences when I was treated like a VIP customer, just because I said "Yes, it's for me" 🙂 I know it's not easy so I prepared some tips for you.

You have 3 possibilities to stay "low":

  1. go shopping with a girlfriend/ wife - but not all of you can
  2. shopping in big shopping malls - many people and quite anonymous. Just pick the stuff you want to try , put some male clothes over it and head to cabin. Just be careful, don't get caught in cabin when you try some skirt 🙂
  3. catalogue a online shopping - quite secure and you will avoid curious looks. The goods can be in most cases returned within several days, sometimes even without giving reasons. I recommend eBay , I 'll write about it more bellow.

General advice:

  • buy only the stuff you need! Many trannies, including me, have a real shopping spree fever and buy even stuff they don't need or stuff that doesn't suit them. Think over, if you need the item, and if it suits you.
  • measure yourself properly! It's very important to measure yourself properly so you can buy fitting clothes and shoes. Try to find your size in women collection sizes. If in doubt, send you measures to the sop and they will recommend. Don§t forget the material - lycra materials stretch a lot, while jeans don't. While buying shoes, watch the material as well, leather stretches better than synthetic materials.
  • say you are buying for a girlfriend - many regular men buy stuff for their girlfriends so it's a good cover excuse. But be careful, if you come to a lingerie shop 2x a week it will become suspicious 🙂
  • let others advice you - a good advice from a friend, sales person or stylist, they might know more
  • try eBay - you can buy amazing stuff at amazing prices, often at a fraction of regular prices. But beware! Read the item description carefully, if it's new or not, condition, price, delivery and shipping methods. Check also the history of given merchant, the better score the more secure you are. Disadvantage is you have to pay via Paypal with some merchants, but if you have any VISA / Master card , you can setup a new account at PayPal easily. And then you can start spending money 🙂
  • consider second hand - a friend of mine advised me this option when I was complaining I'm spendig a fortune on femme stuff. I admit I have never been shopping in one, but I will consider it, you can buy very funny costumes at budget prices.

Betty recommends:

I've started a shop that is an affiliate of  Amazon, focused primarily for the needs of crossdressers - www.trannyshops.info. TrannyShops has absolutely NO access to any customer personal data - all purchases are handled by Amazon following their standard privacy policy.

If you are interested in special product picks (discounts, hard-to-find,  new) follow TrannyShops Facebook Page.

TrannyShops - shop screenshot

Do you have any tips on how to buy? Share them below in discussion ..

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16 Responses to Shopping guide for a trannie

  1. Nikki Rose says:

    Hi Betty,

    I find that if I do go shopping when dressed, be it a charity shop or a supermarket, if I act natural then others hardly give me a first glance and if they do notice that I’m a man dressed as a woman they take it in their stride and go about their daily business and leave me to mine.

    So my advice is just act naturally, look as if you belong and you’ll blend in.

    Of course, it doesn’t always work. I once asked a sales assistant in a charity shop if I could try on a dress and top and she turned to the manageress and asked in a loud voice, “Can this young gentleman try these clothes on?” The manageress attitude was certainly I could if I could be quick about it as the shop was due to close. She seemed more concerned about leaving on time than having a tranny in the shop!

    I hope this helps.


  2. Danielle Wright says:

    Look 'natural' when you shop,If you go there and 'sneak around and looking' you will draw the salespeople and others to you.So shop as you were if you were looking at male clothes.I myself carry a few pictures of myself dressed in my wallet and then show the salepeople sometimes,it answers questions most of the time,Kisses Danielle

  3. Stephanie says:

    I like to watch craigslist.com I have bought large bags of clothes from girls cleaning out there closet very reasonably.This gives you a selection and things you normally wouldnt try so you just might find some things that look great on you that you wouldnt have bought at store.

  4. Charlotte says:

    One very simple line works for me. When you get to the counter, just say “I can bring this back if it doesnt fit her, right?”
    It sounds like a stupid question because the answer is obviously going to be: Yes, if you keep the receipt. However, having worked in retail, I can honestly say that the question comes up all the time because the refund policy in various shops can vary quite a lot.
    So its very easy just to play the role of an ignorant male making an attempt at a romantic gesture. When I first started, I was terrified of buying clothes but this simple line has given me a lot of confidence.

  5. Sophia says:

    I do most of my shopping online or catalogs and have it sent to my PO Box. One Hanes Place, Fredericks of Hollywood, Sexy Shoes and a few other places. I agree It is important to know your size. Some places have conversion charts from male to female ie.: A male shoe size 10 is a females size 12. Ussually you just add two sizes. For clothes, online is just like a store, if it does’nt fit exchange or return. I have so many sexy shoes I am trying to get rid of some. LOL

  6. Johanna Averillo (Xspecial6) says:

    I have a very good gurlfriend, who loves to cd, for me.
    I had been buying her clothes, for about 3 years, when I decided it was time, she learnt to do her own shopping.
    The next time, she came to visit, I used her credit card, to book a train ticket, to Stratford on Avon, which is about 20 minutes away. After, many minutes of her saying, she could’nt do it, we walked to the train station (10 mins away). There I left her to get on the train, with instructions, she was not to come back till, she had a full new complete outfit.
    She spent 4 hours looking round the shops, returning with a complete lovely outfit and a very large smile on her face. She loved the whole experiences, the little chats she had with many people, the choices of clothes, she even got loads of advice about what suited her.
    Hence, I no longer have to go shopping for her and she has made a number of friends in diffferent stores up and down the country.
    So, my advice is, get off your ass, jump on a train and visit another town a little way down the track from you.
    Choice a tourist town, on a saturday, with lots of people, no one will batter a eyelid.

    Go, Gurl, You can do it
    Oh and have a coffee, for me hun x

  7. Liza fishnets says:

    Hi darhhhhhhhhhhlings!

    Hi there my femme name is liza & i’m a 50 something bi trannie living in south africa i have been dressing 4 as long as i can remember (2 long lol)

    after years & years of making all the stupid excuses i.e. its for my gf etc etc one day about 4 years ago i just jumped in went to a local mall & went to a departmental store & said i’m a transvestite do you mind if i try these on, the sales girl was great she didn’t even bat an eyelid she helped fetch different sizes to get the right look she even had me show off infront of a couple of other women in the changing rooms we had a great laugh i go there regularly now!!

    i recommend it 2 every1 it also inceases ur confidence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    try it out darhhhhhhhhlings it was a hoot
    hugz & kisses

  8. Toni says:

    I’m not trans gender but I have many friends that are, I think that people shouldn’t worry shopping to much. I work in retail and generally speaking retail workers ( the good ones anyway) don’t care why you are buy they just care that you are buying (commission). Just be yourself and if you have a bad experience don’t get discouraged just go somewhere ells, there sales loss.

  9. Isabella says:

    So…. I am a female but have a friend thats looking to get into CD and requested my help. I am so excited and honored to help but i was wondering if anyone had any ideas as far as place to go for larger shoes. Also if anyone had an ideas as far as place that are open to this around the New Jersey/ New York area please let me know. I was considering maybe getting a large group of you gorgeous ladies together and setting up a clothing swap and fashion show. If anyone is interested or has any ideas email me.


  10. Jamie (jane :) ) says:

    Hi there girls!

    Im gonna go do my first time shopping as a girl tomorrow! YAY! Cant wait!

    I thought that I will say that it is for gf, but then I thought… Hey! then I cant try the stuff on to see what fits me! so I’ll just say that Im actually a girl, and I just want the clothes to match it!


  11. Loreana says:

    I shop on eBay it is more easier for me, though I need to wait for several days or weeks before I actually get the item, but still it saves me from probable embarrassment if were to shop in public.

  12. Lucy says:

    Hi Betty

    Lovely to find your site. For many years I have been shopping very openly for ladies clothes, especially shoes which I adore. Initially I was very nervous but I quickly discovered that most lady sales assitants are very sympathetic to the TV and indeed I have come across many who are very helpful. There was one particularly lovely sales assistant in Durham who made me feel as if trying on ladies shoes was the most natural thing in the world. Another lady in South London allowed me to come to her shop after closing time and try on all manner of clothes (of course there was the expectation that I would buy).

    It is only in recent years that I have started to shop fully dressed and I find that the shop in central London called Long Tall Sally (fashion for taller women) is totally TV friendly as well as the outsize ladies shoe shops in the same street. I refer to Chiltern Street in London W1 which is an absolute dream for the TV.

    I think that many TVs are unaware of how accepting and understanding most ladies are and in fact shopping openly as a TV can be a very rewarding experience. I enjoy showing the lady assistants my photos of me dressed and I love it when they call me Lucy. I make a point however of only dealing with female staff.


  13. Jane Christine says:

    Hello Betty may I say…I am always honest with the girls on the make up counters and clothes shops, i go in as Jane and i also go in when in my male roll…….the girls love it…and they give me all the help in the world so honesty is the best policy,,,,plus I get loads of free sample s and make up bags…yes it s great being Spoilt rotten by them…….

    Jane Christine ……………….UK
    Tyne & Wear

  14. Andrew Shephard says:

    My advice would be to relax and be confident. If you are nervous, you will look nervous and you are more likely to get curious looks from staff and other customers. Don't pretend it's for your girlfriend as that's wimping out. Say it's for you and they'll probably be very helpful. They'll probably let you try on dresses as well.

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