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Welcome to my blog

By Betty Jašková, February 7, 2008, 2:00, Reflections

Finally I have decided to create my own website. After messing around with the design and management system I managed to finish it and I hope you will like it. Why did I start it? So you can see world through my eyes 🙂 I want to present my opinions on themes that are connected to me (transvestism, fashion), as well as general themes like tolerance and freedom in society, psychology, etc. One of my goals is t help other people in transgender community, mainly those who are at the start of their path and need some advice.

Blog is bilingual (English and Slovak), but I will not translate all the blog articles to English. You can search the site (upper top part) with keywords you enter. Search results show matches in chosen language.

Section descriptions:

  • About me - info about me, what I like / dislike
  • Photo galleries - my photos, photos from parties
  • Contact - contact info, guest book (I will be happy if you leave a message)
  • Links - exchange links / banners, links to other transgender sites
  • Tips and tricks - my tips and tricks for makeup, fashion, shopping, etc.
  • Reflections - my reflections /essays of how I see myself, this site, society and my / our place in it

Before I finish.. I don’t force anyone to look at my website, if you feel offended by transgender related themes, leave this site and leave your comments for yourself as well.

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For those who still read.. I’m glad you are here 🙂 , Betty

PS: if the page doesn’t lay out correctly / if you see „broken“ elements, let me know please.

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One Response to Welcome to my blog

  1. Loreana says:

    It looks good on all browses… my professional opinion.

    Site looks great….



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