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Parties and trips

By Betty Jašková, February 21, 2008, 1:16, Photo galleries

Me and my friends at parties and special events. Let’s get wild, let’s start the party.

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One Response to Parties and trips

  1. Barbara Becker says:

    Over many years, there have been t-groups, but I often notice they are regional in base
    (Like the East Coast mostly) that's why I ask ,where are you primary based. I'm in the
    Los Angeles area, so people on the east coast are different and harder to reach.. I travel to Vegas
    a lot,and my femme side goes out and plays..after dark. both downtown & Strip are safe,
    and almost everywhere I stop to play the games, as long as money being spent,most casinos
    don't really care. Remember dress like everyone else so you blend in, rather than stand-out.

    I love fetish dress, everything from corsets, nice n tight please, to latex, from rope to
    duct tapes incasement can be fun I play top & bottom depending upon the person I'm
    with, sometimes its nothing more than a movie, or a photo session, or like this weekend
    off to Vegas for a mega Halloween ball at the hard rock casino ! I'm looking for friendships
    and not one-night quickies.

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